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Lawn Sprinkler Systems:


TGF installs lawn irrigation systems with pride. We are fully licensed and bonded. Our installation process is efficient and clean. If you have existing turf, we normally plow (slice) the underground pipes into the yard to avoid turf damage. Our technicians use high quality commercial grade materials. All electrical connections are made with sealed silicone wire connectors. The controller is mounted in accessible area. All work is completed to local code and is warranteed.

Backflow Device:
All sprinkler systems in Illinois are required to have a backflow preventer or “RPZ.” This device is essential to the health and safety of the potable “Drinking” water service. The “RPZ” prevents water from the sprinkler system from back siphoning into your drinking water. This device must be test annually. TGF provides this service through our contracted licensed plumbing firm.

How much will my lawn sprinkler system cost?
Many factors affect the price of a complete system of lawn sprinklers. The most significant include property size, the number of different planting areas in your landscape, available water pressure, and soil conditions. TGF installs systems the right way the first time; we do not take shortcuts in our installation process or with the materials we use. For the best possible system designed to fit your landscape and your budget, choose TGF Enterprises, your professional lawn sprinkler contractor. maintenance. The parts and components that we use are.

-Irrigation / Lawn Sprinklers
-Turf / Landscape Irrigation
-​Fall Shut down (Blow-Out)
-Back Flow Testing
-Landscape Lighting
-Drainage Systems
-Yard Faucets
-Utility Excavation
-Technical Repair

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